What is a Mechanical Digital Lock? Or What is a Digital Lock?

Locksmith Leeds can fit mechanical digital lock or digital lock (a.k.a. ‘digi lock’ or ‘codelock’ and ‘push button lock’) is a locking device that does not utilise keys, i.e. keyless.

A simple code is entered to open the lock this is the ‘digital’ part of the description as the code is series of digits.

The mechanism used no electrical power or batteries and is purely moving part technology, hence ‘mechanical’.

It should be noted that this type of lock is not a ‘lock’ in the pure sense of the word.

When a door is secured with a digital lock it is held shut but is not securely locked, as would be the case with a good mortice lock.

This is where the phrase ‘access control’ comes into play. By using a digital lock we are controlling access to an area or room from those people with non malicious intentions.

For example, an office door within a suite of offices all occupies by the same company.

The stationery room is secure at night because the whole building is locked up and alarmed when everybody goes home. However, during the day, they have lots of visitors in and out and items could be stolen from the stationery room because there is no lock on the door.

If a conventional key lock is fitted, either dozens of keys will have to be cut so that all staff member have a key or one person will have to hold a key and hand it out many times during the day.

A digital lock solves the problem, all staff members know the code, but visitors do not.

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